Used All-Terrain Tires

Offset isn’t affected by tires, just by wheels, right?

Yes, ten characters.

That’s right. I buy my tires at Tire Rack and have them shipped to my repair shop. They install and do a road force balance.

At this point, I do not recommend taking the NYC subway, due to the increase in crime underground ever since the pandemic began. It’s probably safer during the day when more people are around, but I would still recommend avoiding it for now.

I also don’t recommend driving in Manhattan. Between tolls, incredibly high parking fees, and traffic congestion, it’s just not worth it. Here is where Uber or Lyft come in very handy.


Been there several times. When ever I’m in the city I try to make a visit. ALWAYS crowded - no matter what time of day/night.

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We were last up to Katz’s in 2019 when my wife and I went up for a day trip to see a musical too. I’ve had a ton of stuff on the menu, but my favorite by far is their Pastrami on Rye. I can’t wait to go back up and have another! They make a delicious Matzoh Ball soup too. I had some amazing Matzoh Ball soup at another deli near the Lyric Theatre too…wish I could remember which one it was.

All excellent points.

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I believe katzs deli closed down. so double check before you go.

It is likely that they were closed at the height of the pandemic, but I can assure you that they are currently open for business, and won’t close their doors until 10:45 PM tonight.

If you hurry, you might be able to make it. :wink:

Is it possible that you are confusing Katz’s with the Stage Delicatessen, which closed about 9 years ago?

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Their Pastrami on Rye sandwiches are to die for.


Thanks for your help, everybody. I ordered the Walmart ones for $111 each and had them installed at my tire shop. Cost me 3 times as much, but the used option just wasn’t practical. And I decided I like the painted wheels.


Looks good. I’ve had those Cooper discoverer AT tires before. They rode and wore pretty good with not lots of road noise. It was a toss up between those and the Goodyear Wrangler ATS when I bought tires. The Goodyear’s were in stock locally, so I went with them. Price was nearly identical.

I need to get a rack like that. Hauling 16’ boards the other day was… Interesting.