Used 2019 Transit Advice

I have found a decent 2019 Ford Transit Van with under 20,000 miles. Everything is mint except for significant rusting on the muffler/exhaust components and the propellor shaft/differential. Is this ok or a red flag? Thanks for your help!

Perfectly normal and OK. Ford doesn’t paint driveshafts nor differentials and they survive just fine. The exhaust rust you see is just discoloration of the 409 grade stainless steel used. It will last for a decade at least.

The underside looks very clean.


Thank you so much, Mustangman! A great weekend to you, bro!


Agree with Mr. Mustang. I’ve seen new F150’s on the lot with similar rust on the driveshaft and rear differential. The muffler looks a little rustier than I’d expect, but mufflers are pretty cheap and easily replaced should it ever become an issue.

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