Smelly Taurus

They probaly should bathe after exercise or at least take a jug of water and pan to get the sweat off after exertion,sweat is a pervasive odor the urea and other pungent odors are hard to cover up when the upholstrey gets contaminated,I remember after 9-10 hrs cutting right of way the boss would bitch about our odor(He didnt smell as bad because He did little)but there is a thing the car dealers have that smells like ammonia or something,thats good about masking odors


I think you might be talking about an ozone generator. I’ve never used one, but maybe that would help. If you can’t find a car dealer or a detailer with one, you could also check with one of those disaster recovery companies.

A thorough steam cleaning wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

You could hide a few of those baking soda disks meant for refrigerators around the interior as well.

I have to ask the obvious question of why you don’t cover your seats to avoid this problem.

This is true,but the thing the car dealer had looked like a bunch of pumice stones in a net bag,I bought a new Nissan pickup onetime that had a strong fishy odor in it,that was the thing they let me use to mask the odor or eliminate it.The odor faded pretty quickly on its own,but that bag of rocks,had a very strong scent.