Is there a product or method to make coarse upholstery less scratchy ?

Sheep skin covers?

Seat covers.

What car has scratchy upholstery?

It is a VW Golf of unknown vintage.
The OP posted the same question last week, but I guess he didn’t like the answers that he got at that time.


Those answers seemed good.

Perhaps wear thicker pants?

DASHMAT makes seat covers for all brands, pattern cut exact fit.

Thank you. I am thinking of starting by using an upholstery brush and see if that works. Then move on to using an upholstery cleaner. And if that doesn’t work, checking out seat covers.

Ken G. Went to dashmat.com. Saw car covers, truck covers, ATV covers, boat covers, watercraft and snowmobile covers,dash mats, the famous LeBra was there along with floor mats, BUT, no seat covers. What gives?

What gives is my haste in typing out the brand ( we sell multiple lines here at this Ford dealer & I don’t keep the books back here at the shop parts counter ), oops, my bad. ~:(

The brand who makes the seat covers is Dash Designs http://dashdesigns.com in Tempe Az.