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Upgrading Honda radio

I have a 97 Honda Accord LX. A friend of my son is replacing the sound system in his 2002 Accord so I bought his factory radio with 6 CD changer to put in my Accord which currently has no CD.

The 97 has the 16 pin connector, the 02 has the 20 pin connector. I got the double din adapter, wiring harness adapter for the 97 and the reverse harness for the 02.

Please bear with me, having more trouble than usual with Sprint today. I have all the pin outs, but the 02 has an extra wire that is not in my 97 harness.

Both the 97 and the 02 have the “lights on” wire, it is red/black in both cars. The 02 radio calls for a red “dash lights brightness controller” wire. This wire was not included on the 97 radio, but the car does have a red “dash lights brightness controller” wire that goes to the dash board only. My question, should I tap into this wire and route it to the 02 reverse harness? What will happen if I don’t?

It would probably work. If you don’t, your radio won’t dim along with the dash dim setting, which can be irritating at night.

Well the current radio doesn’t dim along with the dash settings. My concern is that this red wire provides the supply for the night setting and without it, the radio display will just go out, where the current radio picks off a fixed voltage for night use internally. Maybe.

Any way you can hook it up and test it without fully installing it?

I am considering this route. I’ll run a wire from the orange/white wire on the reverse connector (where the red wire goes on the 02 Factory connection) to the back of the dash light dimmer knob where the red wire originates on the 97 Accord. The dash light dimmer knob just pops out of the dash so it will be easy to test after everything else is put back together.

I was just hoping that someone here either has an FSM for any Honda Accord or civic from 1998 to 2007. These all use the 20 pin connector and maybe their manual would show where the red wire originates on those models. Also Alldata might have this, but I don’t want to spend $25 for access for a car I don’t own or maintain.

1997 Accord instrument panel lighting diagrams;

Thank you Nevada_545. The wire colors for the dash light dimmer switch haven’t changed from 97 to 2007.

I miss labeled the diagrams when I saved them, they are 1997.

OK, I already have the 97 diagrams myself. Anyone have access to the 2002 Accord diagrams specifically or any 98 through 2007 Accord or Civic?

2002 Accord;

Thanks Nevada_545. Looks like the color code for the dimming circuits have not changed. The red/black still comes from head light switch and the red is used to control the light level, although it comes from another box that the dimmer control is attached to. Well I’m off to do it now.