2004 Hyundai Sonata - Electrical issues after install

i install a pioneer aftermarket stereo and now i have no dash lights or dimming control…on the stereo it self i hooked up the wires right but when i made all the connections i could i found that i still had a gray and a brown and white wire left…i know one is for the power antenna and from what i found online the other is the illumination wire…since i put a regular antenna on the car i don’t need the gray wire hooked up…question is do i need to hook up the illumination wire or is there something else wrong causing me not to have dash lights or dimmer controls…

Given the fact you have no dash lights, I’d say you didn’t hook them up correctly. Look for a blown fuse but also disconnect the wire that is supposed to connect the dimmer control to the stereo before you check for a blown fuse. Then test to see if the dash lights came back on.

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this is the only thing i had to go off of that i found online for my make and model of my car when i hooked up my stereo…after goin by this diagram my dash lights don’t work and until recently found out my right hand side taillight is out…went and looked at the fuse and seen that it was blown…haven’t replaced it yet but i am wondering if doing that would that fix my issue with my dash lights

this is the wiring harness for the pioneer i have and the what i had to work with…

So you post the Sonatas wiring diagram but not the Pioneer diagram? Prett hard to diagnose without it.

That said, disconnect the brown white and gray wire if you connected them to the Pioneer unit. It isn’t clear at all if you did connect them.

it’s all good, i figure out that the brown/white wire i had wasn’t hooked up nor was the gray wire…it was something i had done lots of times but didn’t do this time was, when i was hooking the unit up i realized i forgot to take the cables off of the terminals and turn the car completely off…therefor when i was cutting the wires to splice the pioneer stereo up i shorted out a fuse in the process…which controlled the dash panel, my fog lights and also my right rear taillight…when i looked in my fuse panel and was searching for a blown fuse i saw the one for the right rear tail light was blown…changed that one out and all is working fine again…thanks for all the info thou it helped me out with thinking i wired something up wrong when actually it was operator error (something i’ve done a thousand and one times) that was the fault this time…again thanks

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Sounds old-school. I’m not against that, done plenty of splice jobs myself back in the day. These days, cable adapters are fairly commonly available to avoid cutting into the car side harness. If you go to a site like Crutchfield and use their compatibility tool, they will show you the proper interface kit. For grins, I input your car and pioneer radio and saw the compatible car connector harness they sell. $27 buys the installation cradle, block off plates, wire harness and instructions. They often supply this kit for free if you also buy the radio from them. Something to consider in the future…