Car to carry an electric scooter

I don’t walk very well, so when I’m not driving, I ride around on one of those electric 3-wheel scooters. I have a lift mounted on the back of my car. My car is about done for so I am shopping for a new one.

I need several things in this car. It must have a very roomy seat because I’m BIG.

It must keep my scooter up off the ground. My current car (a 1999 Chrysler Concorde) hangs down in back so much that my scooter almost doesn’t clear the ground. It drags through every gutter and driveway and speed bump. So I want a car that will hold the scooter up off the ground better. I have thought about getting a pickup or SUV, but that is really more car than I want or need.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Shop first for the accessabilty and driveabilty for YOU.
The rear suspension can be augmented at the time they fasten the lift on it.
AirLift and others make a nice air bag helper that won’t compromise ride quality like the old helper springs did.

My dad and step mother used a full size van, Ford E150, and the hoist on the back put her Amigo scooter inside the van.

Thanks for the info, Ken. I took my current car to a mechanic and told them about the dragging problem and they put in some springs back there that didn’t help the problem at all. I’ll research the AirLift and talk to the dealer about this.

Before buying anything,
Tell them about the scooter.
It’s a must, and a deal breaker if it can’t be outfitted for your needs.

( We use AirLift helpers on all our repo trucks that must haul a whole car back there :wink: )

Chat up some local churches or city bus garages or something and find out who they have modify their vehicles for handicapped access. You might even get lucky and find they are selling one of their vehicles off in favor of a newer one.
You’ll want something that can allow ease of entry/exit should you want to ride it into the vehicle. So, a minivan type of vehicle should suit your needs well.