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Old dog car

What is the best car for a large arthritic dog? I have transported my 2 dogs in a Ford Ranger but recently one of the dogs developed mobility problems and he does not like the ramp option. As a temporary remedy I have removed the front seat of my second car (a Ford Focus) and the immobile golden retriever is able to get into this vehicle. This solution does have some downsides and I am looking to replace a vehicle. I was thinking of either the Honda Element or a minivan. Any other suggestions? Other requirements for the car are: 1. Light towing capacity (ca. 1000 lbs). 2. Some clearance so do not loose bottom of vehicle on an unpaved and uneven road. 3. Ability to hold 2 people, 2 large dogs and camping/evacuation gear (we will be living on outerbanks NC and may need to evacuate carrying camping gear and a few things that we don’t want to loose if house doesn’t survive storm).

As the owner of another arthritic dog, I question whether buying a car based on that single need is a good idea. The way I see it, my arthritic dog doesn’t have much time left, so rather than buy a new vehicle, I would look at other options. You say he doesn’t like using a ramp, but what about a small set of stairs? What about a foot stool like the folding ones that can be used with RVs? If you get an older minivan, you might find one in which you can remove the seats, rather than fold them into the floor. This will give you a lower deck height. A 2002 Toyota Sienna fits this description and has a 3,500 pound towing capacity.

Find a police car used for K9 duty on auction. The rear seats will already be removed. You can get neat attachments to keep the dogs cool when you are not in the car. It will tow its rated 2000 lbs without any strain. (They used to be rated at 5000#.) It will be really inexpensive. It will already smell like dogs.

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Police K9s don’t transport or use arthritic dogs do they? Unless perhaps undercover?

The undercover dogs just act like they have arthritis! ;0)

You guys are fuuuuuny. I don’t know if they use arthritic dogs or not, but if they did, they would not need ramps.

The Chevy Equinox/GMC Envoy have rear seats that slide back and would provide a wide floor for you dog to lay on. They are a bit higher than a car, but it might work. See if your dog can get into one.

You don’t need a new car, you need a new dog…

you need a new dog

Cruel. Amusing, but cruel. I understand your attachment to your pet, er, companion animal, but as stated before, picking a vehicle just to accommodate the dog, is, uh, the tail wagging the dog. Pick a vehicle for other reasons, and the dog’s access should be a secondary consideration. If you have narrowed the choice down to several vehicles and can’t decide among them, use the dog as the tiebreaker.