Upgrade default wiper switch to intermittent pulse wiper switch

I would like to replace my default wiper switch that has Delay; Low; High, with a wiper switch that has more more intermittent delays. I have found the actual switch that I would like to use for the model of my car. Can I just replace the old switch with the new switch without replacing the pulse module or wiper motor?

My guess is no. I could be more accurate if you supplied model and year of your vehicle. I give a very confident no to the question about the need to replace the motor. Think about the possible need for a different harness.

Why would you consider that it would be possible to give a good answer without this information?

Everyday we must ask people to provide this type of information.

My DeSoto has the same problem.


When I bought my 90 Pathfinder in order to get Intermittent wipers I either had to buy the SE version or get one with an Automatic. I didn’t want either. Nissan did sell a intermittent wipre kit. I had to replace the switch and add a power boost. It worked great. And the good thing it only cost me $50 as compared to $300+ for the Automatic or SE model.

it is a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.2L

the reason I think it is possible to replace the switch without replacing the motor or pulse module, is because when I shop online for parts, all I can find is one motor and one pulse module for my model of car, but I find two different switches (the standard one I have, and one with more intermittent delay options)

Actually, your DeSoto was probably ahead of the pack with its windshield wipers. The 1947 DeSoto my parents owned had electric wipers. The 1968 AMC Javelin I owned still had vacuum wipers. Of course, the vacuum wipers had many interval settings–you had to release the accelerator pedal, thus increasing the vacuum, to make the wipers move.