Update on the new bought Chevy Cobalt 2007

Agreed, the people who need to steal for a living are often not smart enough to drive a stick shift.

There is NO way to make a car unstealable, all you can do is make someone take more time. If you can cause them to take a lot of time they will look for an easier car to steal. The viper lock, and alarm will stop kids and most amatures from taking your car, but so will keeping it locked.

  1. That will probably be enough to keep the kid and amatures from taking it.

  2. Given a little time people will know you have a mp3 player in the glove compartment. Someone will notice trust me.

  3. That will slow someone down at your house but you don’t always part at your house.

  4. Any car is a good steal, if I can get away with it. It might not be a popular car but the motor and trans will still sell.

  5. Again it’ll stop kids and amatures, if a pro wants your car it’s gone. I know they say “Not one vehicle ever stolen !” but I’m betting there’s a lot of fine print for that claim. Like I said I’d just wait until you went to a movie, grab the car, your gone for at least an hour and your car will be nothing but a shell.

Just so you know my truck that I park on the street isn’t locked, there is nothing of value inside the truck it’s got an AM radio. I didn’t pay much for the truck I keep it in good running condition, but there is nothing worth stealing in the truck or the truck bed. My wife’s car sits in my driveway unlocked again we keep nothing worth stealing in the car. I do have a security light that comes on if you get close to the car or truck and I have a large dog that likes to bark, in 15+ years in this neighborhood we’ve had 5 cars keyed, yes we caught the little bugger. That it. Any car that I have heard about being stolen had the keys in them.

So take reasonable precautions and don’t worry too much about it, odds are if you live in a safe place your car will be fine.


I got a parking ticket.

So on Friday , I and a friend went to check out a bar near where I live. On that street, one always finds cars parked, especially near the bar. As was my habit, I parked behind a car.
Next thing I know, I got a parking ticket from the parking cops.
I had gone in and come out in precisely 10 minutes.
I donot have a License yet.

I need to convince the traffic judge to not ask me to pay the fine. How do I do that?

N.B: the parking area did have a sign that gave the times of parking, but as I always saw cars parked there, I also parked behind the car.

A MONTH?? How about an hour??

Tell the judge that there was a BIG TRUCK parked there that was blocking the sign so you could not see it WHEN YOU DROVE UP AND PARKED.
You also tell him you just naturally assumed parking was allowed there because you saw all the other cars parked there.(and you could NOT see the sign.)
When you came out of the bar you wondered WHY you had gotten a ticket.
You looked around and saw the sign. Hmmm… Then you remembered there was a truck parked there when you drove up.
It’s a natural progression. That is what the judge will see.

All of this only works if the cops were not there when you came out and spilled your guts to them. If the cops were still there and you told them a different story then you’re sunk, and will be caught in a lie, and the judge will make you pay full price… Plus he’ll make you get “parking insurance” $40.00 a month… :slight_smile: