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The Cartalk Chevy Cobalt 07' Attn Docknick, Common Sense, and the folks

Guys, with your guidance I had purchased a Chevy Cobalt 07 last year. I has give me good service, and since october 09 till September 10’ I have put on 8000 miles.

My warranty on the car is just about to run out and I’d like some tips .

The right front strut was leaking. Houston has shitty roads, and I like to drive quick. So they replaced the right fron strut. Later they replaced the left front strut as well, when i complained about a noise in the front. The noise was correctly diagnosed, after the front strut replacement, as coming from the tyre hub cap. I am not complaining, I need all the new struts I can get on these roads.

GM recalled the cobalt to fix the power steering motor, and they did that.

Once they did that, the airbag warning light started coming on. So they replaced the airbag module. Now, 2 weeks later, the airbag light STILL comes on.

What to do?

Also, my indicator light used to make a clicking sound on turning left and right. This has stopped coming now. The dealer banged its head against the wall to sort that issue out and then basically said…you gotta live with it. Indicator is working fine though.

Anyways, advice please.

More things:

When I brake, coming to a stop at the red light, the car wheels gently shudder, and make a whap whap noise. Alignment? but I got alignment done 2 times already, the last time in May 10;

Also, there is a small creaking noise when the car comes to a halt these days, which sounds Like its coming from the brake discs.

thanks a lot.

What to do?

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