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Update on my honda brakes

I recently asked what I had done wrong when doing a brake job on a 98 accord. (when reassembled the wheel wouldn’t turn) I’m back to say that I started over today, did everything I would normally do on a brake job. And guess what…everything works the way it should. I have no idea what I did wrong the first time or what I did right today. But the wheels turn. I even flushed out the old fluid and changed the plugs and wires.

@kennedy Congratulations!

Ur wheel would not turn? So car had sat until u got time to look at it again? U did not drive it with “stuck” wheel?

Correction: you THINK you “did everything [you] would normally do on a brakejob”. The evidence would suggest you missed a step the last time.

Anyway, congratulations. I too have redone something exactly as I thought I did it the first time and had different results. Some puzzles in life simply aren’t meant to be solved.