UPDATE!Nissan NP200 gears get stuck and clutch goes soft but after awhile everything works again ,so the problem comes and goes

Is an NP200 a large truck? I thought it was an average size pickup truck.

I didn’t mention the NP200 in my comment, George

I do not know how but you jinx me ,My plastic clutch push rod broke in half ,which means that it was being pressured by something ,could be the adjustment that was needed,but the whole rod is completely broke ,is there away to fix it ,do i need a new master cylinder or can i make my own ,preferably out of steel or a more tougher material.

How many years old and how many kilometers or miles on this truck? If you drive it locally a lot, shift often and have done that for a while, it could be wear that is the whole issue. Things do wear out and require replacement.

In another thread I asked whether the broken part was the rod or the plastic piece that secures the rod to whatever it pushes.

The car is a 2011 model so quiet old ,i did an overhaul of the engine.

The rod is the broken part ,it snapped right in the middle,the plastic piece that secures it to the pedal is still fine.

I have never heard of a pushrod breaking like that, but then I’ve never heard of a plastic pushrod either. My reaction is to replace the whole master cylinder, but I’m in the US and a replacement is pretty cheap. In Zambia the story is different. What I know of auto repair in less wealthy countries is that welders in private metal shops fix lots of things Americans just replace. Cutting and smoothing a piece of steel to replace the pushrod should be possible. If you have a way to get the broken pieces to a shop like that, at least you should ask.

Is this a cable clutch or a hydraulic clutch?

hydraulic clutch but my clutch pedal push rod broke