Cars jerks//shudders in 1st and 2nd gears

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My car started doing this awhile ago ,178KM on the dash ,and engine has been worked on before.
lets say im stagnate and put the car in 1st ,i step on the gas and instanstly the car while start jerking ,like bad ,i put in 2nd same thing ,when i put it in 3rd and step hard on the gas it starts jerking less and takes off, keep in mind this has to be on a flat road, i wont make it uphill from a stationary position.

I checked the spark plugs which are new and wiring ,all work fine , im starting To think it might be my fuel injection that might be dirty or clogged ,but cant be sure.

Plus when i step on the gas , i hear a slight squeak coming from either the cable or somewhere ,it only happens when i step on gas ,could the two be related.

The timing belt is supposedly okay as specified by the mechanic

What you describe sounds like a shuddering clutch.


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The throttle position sensor could be the problem. Faulty O2 sensor also.

If this is still on your NP200 with all the clutch problems, I’d say your clutch is shot and needs replaced or you still haven’t properly fixed the clutch master cylinder.

its exactly like that ,maybe slightly worse ,Tell how to fix please

il remove it and see if there is any difference

Its a brand new CMC and i got some from nissan to install it for me and bleed the clutch ,everything was fine for the first 1 hour of driving ,then it started ,im not driving the car at the moment untill i fix it

Could this all be caused by bad CV joints

If the CV joints were the cause, they’d be making quite a racket during turns. Do you notice that? Have you check the boots on the CV joints to make sure they aren’t split? 2 inner, and 2 outer boots.

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it does make a noise when turn ,if i replace the cv joints ,do you think problem might be fixed

Maybe. The problem is there’s a lot of maybe possible. Easy to run of money before r unning out of guesses. If the CV boots are split, the CV joints should probably be replaced in any event. So no harm to replace them. But if the boots are still good, a better way to spend your money is to ask a shop to diagnose what’s causing the problem. At that point you can either let the shop fix it, or do the work yourself. Your option.