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Unusual connector

Hi, I haven’t seen this oil pressure sensor connector before. It’s reminiscent of the dreaded red clip, but different. How do I approach it? Is there still a tab that needs to be pushed in after I manipulate the red…errrr…thing?

This a guess because you didn’t even tell us the make of this car…

The red bit is a secondary lock, slide it up away from the mating face of the connector. There may be a primary latch as well.

Thank you for your reply!! I feel a little stupid because that was not the oil pressure sensor, which I found below the lower manifold. That said, I did try to slide it up out of curiosity (in the 11:00 direction). It did not budge.
2011 Town&Country Limited 2WD 3.6L FI FFV DOHC 6cyl.