I broke a sensor and need help identifying it

I have a 1998 3.8L Dodge Grand Caravan with 145K miles. Runs great.
I was replacing an Oil Pressure Sensor (right next to the oil filter) and in the process on pulling on the red tab and it releasing, my hand smashed into another sensor that is in the same vicinity of the oil filter. Sensor is in the center of the picture, just to the right of the oil filter. (i was changing the OPS just to the left of the filter)

Can anyone identify the purpose of this? I am inclined to just glue it back together and be done with it. Thanks in advance.

Have you tried to start the engine and see what code pops up when the MIL comes on?

That is the knock sensor.

Yeah I did that once changing the filter on my son’s Acura many moons ago. Can’t remember which it was but took a couple days to get a new one. No good deed goes unpunished.