Unused gasoline

I have about a half gallon of gas that is mixed with oil and stabilizer for a 2 cycle engine that is left over at the end of the season. Can I add that to my car’s gas tank without an adverse affect?

This question has generated much discussion in the past. My personal philosophy is that while the mix would be highly diluted, especially if added to a full tank, it just isn’t worth the risk.

Unless, of course, we’re talking about a pre-'70s car.

I don’t think anyone has an exact answer. That is likely because few people have done it and very very few if any have had any documented problems.

Since you do get some oil in the cylinders anyway, if you don’t put too much in, IMO it will not cause any damage.

I suggest adding it a little at a time. Spread it out over four or five tank fulls and you should be adding less oil than many engines burn. The stabilizer will not hurt it.

The answer is YES, you certainly can. Many car owners add a little “top oil” on purpose. It won’t hurt a thing. At the end of the boating season I dispose of 3-4 gallons of 50 to 1 outboard mix in a Crown Vic without giving it a second thought. 2-stroke oil is “ashless” and burns very cleanly.