Disposal of one gallon of gas mixed with two cycle engine oil

Will it damage a 2002 Toyota Camry with almost a full tank of gas to empty one gallon of gas mixed with two cycle engine oil to dispose of the gallon of gas/oil mixture or will the gas/oil mixture be sufficiently diluted to avoid damage to the Toyota?

Back in “the old days”, some of us used to add a few ounces of Top Oil to our gasoline periodically, in order to provide some additional lubrication to the upper cylinder area. This was actually a very good thing for an engine.

Nowadays, with the advent of catalytic converters, it is possible to damage the converter if too much oil is being burned–either as a Top Oil, or a 2 cycle gas & oil mixture, or as a result of badly worn piston rings. However, an occasional instance of dumping that 2 cycle gas/oil mixture into a relatively full gas tank will not damage the CC, and may provide some nice extra lubrication for the upper cylinder area.

The only caveat would be if this gas/oil mixture is more than…let’s say…6 months old. In that case, the gas could be “sour”, and you could wind up with deposits in the fuel system.

As long as this gas/oil mixture is not more than 6 months old, this gallon of 2 cycle gas/oil mix should do no damage to the engine or CC, and may actually be good for your engine.

You might try putting a cup or two in there at first and see what it does, rather than dump the whole thing in there. If nothing happens, put a little bit more in at your next fill up.

No problem, not enough 2 cycle oil in there to hurt anything.

Your gas:oil mixture is probably about 32:1. If you add the mixed gallon of mower fuel to 10 gallons of gas in you car’s tank, the mix ratio is now one-third of one percent - just about nothing. I wouldn’t worry about it as long as you put the gallon into a nearly full tank of gas.

I agree. I’ve been doing it for years and unless the motors self destructed on the cars of subsequent owners, I’ve experienced no problems. With two stroke, you can add a little stabile and keep over the winter and use the next year if it’s a yearly thing. Personally, i feel stabil is unnecessary for winter storage, but do it as a safety precaution. Lastly, if you don’t trust what we say, just dispose of it legally.

If it is gasoline for a weed wacker and 60 to 1 mix, you have even more reason to just pour it in. That is close to nothing for a mix. The other mix is just two times nothing and your car would probably run on a whole tank full of the stuff and not ever notice it.

Find a friend with a Dodge or Chrysler minivan, pour it in the tank, and nobody will notice the smoke since the minivans do that all the time.


Uncle Turbo, 5 Stars, best advice

There’s not enough oil in that mix to cause any damage to your car, especially if you are diluting it further with a full tank of gas. If you still have reservations about burning it in your car, take the stuff to a place with an oil-fired heater and pour it in their waste oil tank (with their permission, of course). One of those can certainly burn that stuff, and the people who own them are usually happy to have the free heat. Just don’t pour antifreeze in there. They usually don’t appreciate it.

They don’t appreciate GASOLINE in there either!! Please don’t post things you know nothing about…

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Gasoline in a waste oil burner ? Now there is one a scary thought. What’s next, waste nuclear fuel rods ?

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Mark9207 can count this as a third vote in favor of labeling his recommendation to “take the stuff to a place with an oil-fired heater” as being…irresponsible…incorrect…and ultimately…extremely dangerous.

I would only empty waste gasoline into the tank for an oil-fired heater if it was located at an Al Qaeda facility.

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That made me laugh