Oil treated gasoline

Its the end of the season and I must dispose of about 2 quarts of oil treated gasoline mixed for my chain saw. Can I put this into my car tank?

I would not. Doesn’t the oil have fuel stabilizer in it? If not, you could add some fuel stabilizer and use it in your chain saw next summer.

Nope. But your local sanitation department should be able to advise you on proper disposal. They often have “hazardous waste” disposal days.

Sure, just add it to a full tank, or if you want to be even more careful add it half at a time. It should not be a problem.

In a full tank, the quantity of oil shouldn’t hurt and here’s why I say that…for my 1980 Ford Bronco, 351m 2v carb, to cure and avoid vapor locking I would PURPOSELY add a half quart of transmission fluid to the gas tank durring the hot summer months.

You don’t even know what kind of car he has. How can you be so sure?

As is the biggest problem in this web site …most of the posters just don’t seem to have a clue that we all need the basic , basic, basic info to give an acurate answer. So these guesses will just have to do since the OP doesn’t seem to care if he ruins his car or not.

It is almost as if the OP cares more about his chain saw than his car.

One solution would to buy a Saab or DKW from the 1950’s with the 2 cycle engine. You could then not worry about pouring your mixed gasoline into the tank. You would also generate a lot more postings on how to obtain parts and keep one of these cars running. That said, I pour the mixed gasoline from my rototiller at the end of the summer season or the mixed fuel from my snowblower at the end of the winter season into the gasoline tank of my 1978 Oldsmobile in a tank that has at least 10 gallons of gasoline and had no problems. I suppose one could do the same with no problems with a fuel injected car. I’ve even used the mixed gasoline in a 4 cycle lawnmower engine when I was in a pinch. The exhaust smoked a little, but it didn’t seem to hurt anything.

I would put it into my snowblower or other small engine before any of my cars. But two quarts diluted through a couple of tankfuls is unlikely to be a problem for ANY car. Consider it top oil…

Exactly. While top oil is not commonly used anymore, this gasoline/oil mixture for a 2-cycle engine shouldn’t be too different from gas with top oil added to it.

Of course, it is important to protect the catalytic converter from being damaged by burning oil, so as TwinTurbo advises, I would also suggest adding a small amount of this mixture to a full tank of gas, and repeating this procedure over the course of several tanks of gas until the mixture is used up.

Solution #1. Use the chainsaw and cut some more trees until its out of fuel.

Solution #2. Use it in your cars tank, a little at a time.

Keep in mind why the oil and gas are mixed in the first place. Those type of engines dont have an oil resiviour(sp), and when the engine burns the mix it get lubricated. With that in mind tell me what would it hurt the car engine to use the mix. Yes it may damage the cat, but maybe not. I pour a can of the oil mix in the tank of my 1882 Jeep about 2 or 3 times a year and its not damaged in anyway.

Dont forget to run your saw out of fuel when you store it for winter, or put stabilizer in it.

Jeeps made in 1882 were much more tolerant of this oil/gas mixture than vehicles manufactured in the 20th or 21st Centuries.


I just burned 5 gallons of 50:1 outboard mix in a Crown Vic. It LOVED it…It was diluted into a full tank…(20 gallons)

At the prices we pay today, I would pour it in. Two quarts; don’t even hesitate.