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Unreadable speedometer

The speedometer needle in my 1995 Honda Odyssey cannot be seen at night. Instrument lights appear to work OK

Sorry to hear that. If you want help with this, a little more information would be useful.

everything works including instr ument panel lights–I have owned the car since 1996 but theproblem is recent. I suspect the incdicator needles formerly had refelctive coating wich has worn off, or some such thing. At night I look for the shadow of the speedo needle against the white numerals (the background is black) or use a small LED light to shceck my speed.

Are you saying that it is a black needle against a black backround

You could remove the instrument cluster and check for replaceable bulbs but illuminated gauge needles are usually not serviceable. You may have to send the instrument cluster to a auto electronics shop for repair.

I would pull the cluster out and check for burnt out bulbs. If that turns up nothing, you could always go this route:

Your van is 17 years old. Those illumination light bulbs do not last forever. I’ll bet one of the bulbs that is directed to illuminate the needle has burned out. The fix is to pull the gauge cluster and replace the bulbs. I had to do this in a Toyota pick-up and two Ford Explorers, all over 10 years old at the time. I would recommend replacing all the bulbs at the same time to prevent having to pull the cluster again. If one went out, the others are not too far behind.