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My 1994 Lexus, es300, odometer was at one time a red lite needle, showing the rate of speed, on a black background. It is now solid black and I can’t see how fast I am going. Banging on the dash board did not help. Do we have to take the dashboard apart? I would like to paint the needles white where this will no longer be a problem.

My son in law is willing to take the dash board apart, I wonder what kind of bees nest he will get himself into??

You are describing a speedometer, which tells you how fast you are going. An odometer tells you how far you have gone.
Disassembly and repair of the instrument cluster is not for the faint of heart.

You don’t need to take the dash apart. The instrument cluster can be removed from the dash. Remove the trim bezel from around the instrument cluster. Remove the mounting screws for the instrument cluster. Pull out the instrument cluster far enough to unplug the electrical connectors from the back. Remove the instrument cluster.


Your right, I meant the speedometer.

I’ll give these instructions to my son in law. Thanks for the help.