Gauges light up but needles invisible - HELP!

Have a 1996 Honda Accord Station Wagon EX with 270,000+ miles – runs good … it’s at the mechanics now for “minor service” and I asked them to check out why the guages light up perfectly (with headlights on at night) but the needles are invisible … I’ve asked before and they had no answer … now they say there’s a light bulb they can replace but they have to take apart the dash to do it (and they’re intimating hundreds of dollars in labor though no exact quote) … there must be an easier way … please advise!

P.S. - I LOVE my Honda guys but this answer I just do not trust …

I believe the instrument cluster can be removed without taking the whole dashboard apart.

They should be able to look up the procedure in their repair database. It may require removal of the steering wheel, and it will be a lot of labor just to replace a light bulb or two, but it is possible to fix this.