Unnecessary car "honks" when using remote to unlock door

The bad guys know where you are before you know that they are around. Your girlfriend’s honk doesn’t aleft them to her presence, they already know. It could attract other people’s attention and reduce the likelihood that she or anyone else might be attacked.

I have been annoyed at honks when walking past a car that is parked and being right in front of of the car when the horn goes beep. Chirps are fine, but I think the horn is overkill.

No it does not. All I hear is a bunch of honking horns in the parking lot. Just annoying noise. Does not help anyone

It’s helped me several times.

Agreed. Hate it, especially late at night.

In our Letsuck RX350, I discovered a third car hornear the firewall.
I should try disconnecting it and see if that stops the night noise pollution.

Not really a “horn”, there is a dedicated device that emits a tone when locking/unlocking, this can be switched off.

If you want a silent approach to the vehicle just use the Smart Key system, you only need to grasp the door handle to unlock the vehicle, no RKE signal will be transmitted, no noise.

Why don’t you donate this inferior vehicle to a charity and buy a Hyundai?


That firewalhorn apparently is part of the burglar alarm system. If you cuthe moreasily-accessed wire to the car horns behind the grill, presumably the flrewalhorn will still sound.

(It is part of an emergency medical transport “charity”.)(Now home from a bloodelivery.)
Wife wants a Letsuck. Otherwise I would prefer a 4WD Toyota Highlander.

She say Letsuck AC cannot be turned off with switch. Must scroll to [Climate], click and go to [ Auto ] and click on it. If the cursonot centered on [ Auto ], nothing happens and it must be repositioned.

You are not all that amusing using that term for Lexus . Also that vehicle should have Automatic Temperature Control so all a person has to do is set the temperature they want and the system will do it’s thing. And you should have been here long enough to know that the AC will help keep the windows clear in cold conditions ( You are in Colorado after all ) .

Robert , if you read this you will notice I even managed to put a space between words.