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Unknown shimmy problem

I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler, bought it used (75K miles) and have taken great care in fixing problems that have come up over the 2 years since I bought it. It has a 3 inch lift kit on it currently.

I am experiencing the oddest “shimmy” when I downshift the Jeep as I driving it, as if the steering is “loose”, feels like the car drifts side to side when I accelerate in low gears.

My usual mechanic, who I trust and appreciate greatly, can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. I do realize that the 31 inch tires I have on it and the lift kit make the steering a lil’ less than perfect right off the bat, but I am not experiencing bad steering which may be labeled as the dreaded “death wobble” that results from those two attributes of my Wrangler.

Is it possible that the transmission (5 speed, 4 cylinder) can interfere w/ the steering of the Jeep in some fashion. This odd steering problems seems to only happen when down shifting or up shifting in lower gears, as if the Wrangler is moving side to side, a short shimmy.

Any ideas on what may be wrong, what needs to be looked at the next time I take my Wrangler to my mechanic? Should I get steering stabilizers for the front end?

You might try asking about your problem on, there is a huge amount of experience and expertise there.

thnx and I will do that!

Generally, this is caused by a worn or loose suspension component.