Unknown indicator light


A friend (really, it’s not me!) has a 2003 Saturn Vue which is flashing an indicator light when she first starts the car. It’s a red rectangle with waves at the bottom of it. Any thoughts as to what it is? She says the owner’s manual doesn’t show it.


A phone call to the service department at the Saturn dealership should give her an answer in short order. I would suggest that she not drive this vehicle until she finds out what the light indicates.


I agree with VDC that she should find out ASAP.

However, there there are some lights that will flash as a normal event when a car is started as they perform their self-checks. This will probably turn out to be one of those.


Sounds like it is possibly the low coolant light or the coolant temp light - if it goes out it is just going thru a self test - if it doesn’t go out after 30 secs or so better have it checked


your post never clarifies whether the light does go out once the car s started and running.

have her turn the key on. but don’t start it. does the light come on, and go out by itself? then try it by turning the engine on, does it do the same thing? if so, then she should call saturn to get more info.


if the light doesn’t go out, stop driving it NOW.


I am having the same light on my Saturn L-200. I called the Saturn dealership and they said that it was a low radiator fluid indicator. He said that if your level is below the seam on the overflow reservoir then you should top it off and see if the light goes off. If it doesn’t go off there might be a ploblem with the indicator.