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Radiator indicator light

I have a 2006 Jetta TDi wagon. Only when it is cold and first start up of the day, the raditator indicator light comes on and flashes within 1 minutes of start up. I stop the car and restart. It doesn’t come back on (unless it is really cold). I have only had it come on 2 times and then it doesn’t come on again nor does it come on later in the day.

Please Read Your Owner’s Manual On This Topic.
Post What It Says And We’ll Take It From There.


+1 to CSA’s comment.
We need to know what a “radiator indicator” light does on this car.
Is it supposed to indicate a low coolant level?
Or, is it an indicator of the temperature of the coolant?

Once in a while my Mercedes’ radiator indicator light has come on and gone off within a minute. In each case the fluid level was a little low…after I added radiator fluid the light no longer went through this routine. I suspect your radiator fluid is likewise a little low. Read your owner’s manual for advice on how to properly check the level and how to add fluid.

Since Heather has not returned to answer our questions, I have to assume that she is still reading her Owner’s Manual. Or, is this just one more “drive-by” posting?

new style electric temp. gauge and so does anyone ever read the owners manuel