Service light with wrench

We have a 2003 Suturn Vue and the service light comes on when driven for a while. Had it hooked up to check for prob, does not register anything. What could be the prob?

Check your owner's manual, I believe that light means maintenance is due,  not that there is a problem.  Ignoring it can cause a problem however. :-)

That light means you are do for maintenance which could include anything from just an oil change to major maintenance items like transmission fluid, coolant or timing belt replacement. Check your owners manual to see what you should have taken care of by the mileage you have on your vehicle.

I’ve had two Saturns, and when my service light came on periodically, it was always a loose gas cap triggering an emissions warning. Not sure if that’s it or why they found no code when checking, but you might go to the dealer to see if there’s a recall on your gas cap. Once mine was replaced on my VUE (2005), the service light stopped coming on.