Unknown ABS code 08

Hi everyone. Brand new to the community and never joined any other forum actually. I have a 2002 dodge grand caravan with an abs code of 08 on my new little cheap code checker. I can’t find any information as to what code 08 is. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Well, you need more “code” there if you want to find the answer. If it is a C0080, that is a generic left rear ABS solenoid circuit malfunction.

If it is a P0008 code, that is a generic engine code for Engine Positions System Performance Bank 1 and not an ABS code.

So which is it?

Here is a little information on your ABS system. The literature says it was used on the Town and Country, and I believe it would have been used on Dodge minivans as well.


Page down the the diagnostics section. If your scanner is not DRBIII compliant, you need to find one that is. A local chain auto parts store might read the codes for free. Call ahead and see if their scanner reads DRBIII codes.

Thank you both for your replies… It is an abs code per my little cheap meter. It will clear the code but it will turn the abs light back on and give code again after just a few feet of travel.

Sorry, it still doesn’t really tell us anything. Do you have any instructions with your cheap little code reader?

Since it says 08 and ABS, I’d guess my answer is correct. Left rear solenoid circuit malfunction. Either the coil is bad, he connector is bad or the wiring is damaged to the LR solenoid on the ABS modulator.

Good Luck

Well I know how you feel, it hasn’t told me much either. I do appreciate your input. I have downloaded a manual for it. Not had time to read it yet.

Hello JT Sanders and Mustang Man. I just wanted to thank you both for your responses. My little reader doesn’t seem to read the same way as other do apparently. That being said I decided to see what I could do with the tools I had. I decided to do one wheel spin test in my garage after I changed my transmission oil and filter. I reset my abs codes only to make no appear in the garage, however the ole " code 08" reared it’s ugly head as soon as I went down the driveway. Back to drawing board. I pulled the left rear abs sensor from it’s socket but left it connected to the harness. Test Drive, two codes, 08 and now 06. Reset abs codes again. reinserted that sensor and took out the one on the right rear, same fashion. Test drove, only code 08. Hmmm. Swapped abs sensors from left to right. Cleared codes, test drive, code 06. My problem followed my sensor. I believe an abs sensor will solve my issue. I will let you know by the weekend I hope.

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It most certainly was the abs sensor, the code reader was helpful, but not quite in the way i was hoping for.

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Good work! Thanks for sharing your good news. That’s how we all learn.