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Unidentified Replacement Windshield

While cleaning out an abandonded storage trailer, I found a replacement windshield. The sticker on the windshield reads X03366/B. Other items in the trailer leads me to believe it belongs to a British car. It was manufactured in 1974, so the car model must be pre-1974. Does anyone recognize the part number? I’d hate to just throw it out.

No idea at all on the parts number but I would not throw out an early British windshield or any other parts associated with early British cars. There’s a market for that stuff and some of it can bring a little money.

You might do a net search for Victoria British in Lenexa Park, KS and either email or phone them about this glass and any other parts you have. They may be able to identify it and possibly buy these parts or send someone your way to purchase it.
Selling this stuff on eBay or Craigslist is a possibility.

Is there a manufacturer name on there somewhere? PPG is a big one, there are others. You might be able to contact the manufacturer and ask them if that number identifies the make/model it belongs to.

Here is the Victoria British website, Lenexa, KS:

There is an 800# to and perhaps they can help identify the part for youl

I contacted Victoria British and we couldn’t get an exact match on the parts number. Other parts that began with X were for an MG A, B, C and Midget or a Triumph.

There is no manufacturer name on the glass. It only says it is Triplex Laminated on the parts number sticker which I believe is a process not a manufacturer. There is a sticker in the center bottom that reads, “Triplex Electrically Heated.”

Thanks for all your leads. I appreciate your help in solving this puzzle.


The only electrically heated windshield I recall was a Ford product offered on the Taurus and Sable models in the late 80s.

Note in the first message that the glass was manufactured in 1974, so it couldn’t be for a 1980’s car.

I would write Pilkington. LTD. Website is and go to automotive/contacts sections. From their FAQ:

  1. I have seen company names and brands, such as Triplex, SIV, Libbey-Owens-Ford and Blindex. Do these relate to Pilkington?
    Yes they do. Over the years, Pilkington Automotive developed a large number of glass operations around the world, each with their local identity. Recognising both the global nature of the OE industry, and the way in which Pilkington Automotive serves it, for current manufacture, these and other local names have all now been absorbed by the Pilkington Automotive brand.

They made the Triplex electrical part and may be able to help you trace the sticker info down. They do not have a “contact us” email address, it appears. As I understand it, they own the Triplex name, now.

I found a contact address for Pilkington and send them an e-mail. I’ll let you know when/if they reply? Thanks for the lead…