Car Parts


I have a 1993 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic. I need a “rear window defroster switch” for my car but have not had any luck finding the part on the internet. Can you tell me the best websites to surf so I can find and purchase this hard to find part?


I suggest you consult the telephone directory and call your local auto recycling facility, aka “junk yard.” That would be the least expensive place to get the switch you need.

The other option would be a Ford dealer.


EBay - There are currently about 30 on sale new & used.


Call your local junkyards. They’ll have plenty of old Taurus parts there. And they’ll probably be much cheaper than anything you’ll find on Ebay or anywhere else online.


I have a used one out of a wrecked 91 Taurus. I am not sure if it is the same. Has a red bezel. If you want it you can have it. Shoot me an e-mail if intersted.