Uneven Brake Pressure

I have a 2000 Honda Civic. After taking the Civic in for a brake job where the calipers, pads were replaces and the rooters were machined I noticed an uneven pressure in my brakes when coming to a slow stop and vibration in the wheel at high speeds. I have since taken the car back 4 times. They replaced the calipers that were deemed faulty, machined the rear brakes and sold me new tires w/ alignment and balancing. The result is that they can’t find anything wrong with the brakes and the problem is still there. Please help.

There MAY still be air in the brake lines.

On the uneven braking you might need to worry about the brake lines - esp. the flexible rubber parts. When they start to break down you can get swelling which can lead to uneven pressure. You can also get internal break down with line restrictions.

On the vibration, do you mean just while driving or associated with braking? In either case, you should have a good front end shop check out everything in the front end - wheel bearings, tie rods, ball joints etc. I don’t know what kind of an shop you are using - problems like this should be caught during alignment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be.

If the vibration is about braking only, you can also get this if the rotor/hub surfaces aren’t properly prepped for rotor install - even tiny problems like a barely noticable chunk of rust can show itself this way. You should also check for proper lug nut torque.

Anyway…sounds like you need another shop to check over all of this.