Undiagnosed charging system problem

My 2010 Pontiac G6 GT Sedan has some sort of problem in the charging system. Sometimes it won’t start & sometimes the warning lights all come on & the gauges flatline. Then after it’s turned off, it won’t restart without resetting the ECU Any ideas?

Yes, next time you get codes, get them read, many chain auto parts stores will read the code for free. Find out what is wrong.

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There was a recall involving the PCM I believe. I think all they did was clean the connector and use dielectric grease on it but I think if it was bad can cause all kinds of electrical issues. I don’t remember precisely what the issue was but my '09 was covered and got two free months of Sirius radio by going in. Might want to just check with a dealer on the recalls or take a look at that big connector, check the contacts and use the dielectric grease on them as something to try.

The other day I noticed the clock and a light on the rear view mirror both stay on, even after I take the key out of the switch, until I open and re-close the door. So while listening to the stereo with the key on accessory may not drain the battery, those two things might. I drive very short trips and was listening to the stereo on accessory often

That is actually normal for GM vehicles

As long as they DID turn off after you opened and closed the door, everything’s fine . . . as far as that is concerned

As for listening to the radio with the engine not running, I suggest you break yourself of that habit, as it can kill your battery, especially if it’s old and marginal

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