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Undecided for a SUV

Undecided on used Dodge Durango or Nissan Armada . What do you prefer as a better vehicle ?

What does Consumer Reports say about the two, reliability wise?

Do you need an SUV? Why those 2 in particular?

For the wifey. And those are pretty much the 2 that she has her eye on.

Consumer report ratings are pretty much the same almost

You asked which I would prefer, no scientific basis, just gut emotion, If I had a choice I would probably go for the Nissan, but you did not say new or used.

Going for a used suv. 2012-2016

Nissan, I don’t trust Chrysler reliability nor durability.


i know the Durango got a lot of praise for the ride and handling on the initial reviews and the Armada does not get a lot of love from reviewers (old design, bulky, etc). But then the reliability is a complete different story.

How about a Pilot?

My neighbor has a Nissan Armada and it’s a big heavy brute. He needs it to pull a trailer as they have a mountain cabin and a boat. Why your wife wants one of those is a mystery to me.

The Durango is a more practical size and is not a truck as such. A friend of my wife as a ranch and she needs it for personal transportation in all kinds of weather.

My wife would be happy with a Mazda CX 5, a fun to drive compact size SUV that will go anywhere.

I am testing the Armada right now! There is much to like about this vehicle. @ruben_borjon, if you have any specific Armada questions, please feel to ask me and I will tell you the answers by week’s end. I have a Platinum 4WD trim, 2017 model year.

Right, overgrown vehicle, expensive and poor fuel mileage. Also a perfect example of the comedians line ( Why does a 110 lb. female need a 5000 lb. vehicle to go get a 1 lb. loaf of bread. )

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If Toyota still makes the Sequoia I would check it out.


The Sequoia is still available, it’s the one my brother is looking at.

During the early 2000s, when gas was extremely cheap for a short time, I knew of many 110lb women who traded in their Corollas and other such small cars for Excursions and Suburbans

AFTER they bought them, many of them realized they weren’t comfortable driving a vehicle that size :smirk:

And yes, they were just using them as grocery getters

They never used the 3rd row, and they never towed anything, either

Total status symbols

And shortly after, when gas prices were up again, they were bitterly complaining about the price to fill up the tank. I looked them straight in the eye and said “Tell it to somebody who cares. I TOLD you the low gas prices wouldn’t last”


A friend in Houston, Texas has a neighbor, a widow/grandmother, who bought a Ford Expedition so she could take the 3 grandchildren to Macdonald’s on Saturday. She wanted a “safe” vehicle for the little tykes, but has trouble parking it.

The Ford salesman got a healthy commission on that one.