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Unavailable part for 1985 Honda CRX Si

I LOVE my 1985 Honda CRX Si. I have just about 260,000 miles on the original engine. I used to get about 42 mpg but it is now down to 35, which still isn’t too shabby. It again passed the smog test (California) and I renewed the registration for another year. Unfortunately, the fast idle switch is broken therefore I need to warm it up before the engine will keep running. After that it works great for as long as it is still warm. I tried to find the switch in the US AND in Japan but no luck. I found one at a junkyard but my mechanic showed me where it was different so I did get my $80 back. About 18 months ago (before the switch went bad), I had it painted and replaced the upholstery. I decided that I wanted to make it go at least another 2 years to make the cosmetic repairs pay off and we are almost there. Is there any way I can fix the problem and/or get a workable Fast Idle switch? Is there another unavailable part that might go soon? I would cry a bucket of tears if I have to get rid of Little Blue.

Have you check on Have you asked at the CRX forums (looks like there are several)?

What part is this, exactly? Is your CRX fuel-injected, or carb?

Wow, good for you, I had an '88 CRX Si and got 15 fun years and 175k out of it before handing it off to my sister. It was still running perfectly but getting some rust problems. My hat is off to you for getting 25+ years out of yours!

Or try eBay. Is this what you need?

Or, here’s one from the USA:

I haven’t messed around with one of these in many years so my memory is fuzzy, very fuzzy.
Is there any chance the part you’re looking for is not called a fast idle switch? I’m having a difficult time recalling this by name.

Any chance that it’s a choke unloader valve or something like that?