Unable to turn strut mount. Quickstrut

2000 KIA Sportage EX

Hello all,

I have replaced struts before and every time I do it I am scared of using the spring compressor. This time I decided to buy some quick struts by FCS to replace the ones on this KIA. I remember that every single strut I have done the strut mount could be turned by hand or you could try to align it with some sort of pry bar where it meets the forks.

On these FCS quickstruts, both strut mounts were off by a few degrees and I can’t turn them at all. It is impossible! Do I have to compress the springs again and loosen the nut holding the mount in place to be able to turn it? That would defeat the purpose of quick struts? Any advice would be appreciated as I spent the whole day on this and I did not have a spring compressor with me.


If this is a front strut and won’t turn, it is faulty and should not be used.

If this is a rear strut, do NOT loosen the top nut! If you just can’t turn the mount, you will need a spring compressor (borrow one from an auto parts store) and relieve a portion of the spring load so you can reposition the mount. There is no danger as the spring is never un-captured.

Hello Mustangman,

I read your reply and yes, they are the front struts. Is it possible that the struts were installed wrong from factory?

I am leaving some comments from a facebook group I am in. They are all 1st gen Sportage owners. They are all telling me that I must compress the springs to realign the strut mount. Is it necessary to loosen the top of the mount or just compressing the springs will do?


Screenshot 2021-12-01 100902

Screenshot 2021-12-01 101702

Technically that is not a strut, it is a coil-over shock. There is not strut bearing on the top. You will need to compress the spring to turn the top mount, it may not be necessary to loosen the nut.


I could be wrong but didnt the quick struts come with plastic straps holding the springs that were not to be cut until they were installed?

Ahhh did not know the Sportage was not actual strut but a coil over shock. Do what I suggested for a rear strut. Do not loosen the top nut, the shock rod will turn.

This problem tells me FCS does not have control of their assembly process. Would make me doubt the quality of their shocks.

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Well now I know how the suspension on this car works. Video Definitely does not turn in place. Thank you.

Did you put them on the correct side?, the left and right are different.


Yes I compared them with the originals. The other side is off too. I will check them again though. The group says FCS installs them in the wrong orientation. They are cheap. Must be why they are willing to use those anyway…