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Unable to remove ignition key

When I put my 2010 Toyota Camry LE in park and shut off the motor, I was unable to remove the ignition key. I turned the car back on, put it in drive, then reverse, and then park; then the key disengaged. Then I noticed that I hadn’t closed a window. I closed it while the motor remained off. These two situations must be related. It sounds like the car “thought” the motor was on, or in gear, when the motor was off and the car in park. Anyone have this problem? What is it exactly, and how do I get it fixed?

As I recall, some cars have a computer in the security system and it is designed to do it.  I understand that some can be re-programed to eliminate that.  You might ask at the dealer, keep reading messages here or try Goggle to find a Toyota or Camry.  

Good Luck