Umm... Wow

That’s… Interesting.

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Perfect for states were studded snow tires are prohibited.
But Red Green used snow fencing to make full length tracks.


I have seen kits (or at least one company anyway) for pick ups to add tracks instead of the tires. Bolt them on and go anywhere in the hills. Of course not too good on the freeway.

I’ve seen those. Triangular mini-tank treads. I’m surprised there’s enough of a market to make it worthwhile to manufacture.

Seems to me it was a guy up in Grand Rapids or someplace that was making them.

The guy in Minnespota is still at it and selling around the world. Based in Karlstad, I’ve seen dealer demo trucks around here but not for awhile.

Yep, that’s the one. Way up there in snow country.

Umm… Wow
Umm… okay… somebody’s got way too much spare time and lousy weather, too… :yawning_face:

That’s one way to spend those long, cold Canadian winters. So what if the Sun doesn’t come up for a couple months?

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Sun? Who cares about sun?
There’s plenty of meaningful, sensible, exciting things to do during long, cold, lousy, boring, Canadian winters…

look at curling just to name one, a genius idea, cold, rocks, ice, boring, and brooms (much more challenging than drinking heavily), that’s why it was invented… sorry, I just can’t think of the other one right now. :smirk:

I’m not sure what this says about me, but I overlook the tracks and think:
Why use 4 turbos on a 1.6 liter? Seems like it would be easier/simpler/cheaper to make more power with a bigger motor and maybe two less turbos… But, he probably has the only quad turbo import in…no, I’m not gonna say it. Someone, somewhere probably already did a quad turbo. I haven’t looked.

The guy did it because he can

That explains everything



Civic’s probably faster though. It’s got VTEC.

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I’ll take the slower one, please.


Is there a hole in the roof for the driver to stick his head out of so he can see what’s in front of him?