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Umbrella Policy and mandated uninsired moterist coverage

I received a letter from my agent that WI had passed an uninsured - under insured motorist provision that will automatically be added to my 1 mil umbrella policy unless I sign and return the letter. My cost currently is $249 per year. I called my agent it would increase by $44 per year per vehicle (I have 2). I can add the same coverage instead of 150/300k to one mil to my auto ins for $15 every 6 months. Do I even care? I am planning on denying the coverage on the umbrella policy and not increasing the auto policy, any thoughts…PLEASE?

Call or walk into a Motor Vehicle Department and ask them. The law, if just passed, may not be in effect, but it might be, since Jan 1 is a popular date for new things to take effect.

Don’t skimp on the UIM coverage! I’ve been in 2 accidents involving uninsured drivers while I lived in WI and once the minimum coverage I had wasn’t enough. Those limits are way too low and the potential for getting involved with someone who isn’t insured is too high to risk it. Find the most economical way to get the coverage but my advice is to make sure you have enough of it.

I don’t know if it’s still going on, or if it was a one time thing her ein Ohio, but the DMV would send out letters to people randomly, and those people had to have proof of insurance prior to receiving the letter. I took the letter to m insurance agent and she told me she’d already seen several of those letters already and took care of it.

I’d get the UIM coverage, it’s a major problem, why not insure yourself against one of the more common situations?