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NYCM Insurance, reviews

Hello folks,

Just wondering if anyone here has any review of insurance company NYCM Insurance.

Our Auto insurance renewal is due this month. I have gotten a quote from our current insurer and I am fine with what they are offering. DW’s colleague suggested an insurance broker. She contacted them for a quote and they came up with a quote $600 lower than Erie.

I have never heard of this company so no idea about how good/bad they are. DW is salivating over $600 but unless I get some solid reviews, I am in no mood to change the insurer and save $600 (over the year).

I would love to hear if anyone has/had NYCM or have dealt with them in another capacity, like body shop owner etc.

Many thanks in advance.

Here is a case where Google is your friend . Put the name in search and also go to the Better Business web site . Only people who live in New York will know about them.

From the few reviews i’ve been able to find, the rates are very good compared to other insurers in the state but some have had problems getting claims settled after an accident. Not sure if they’re any worse than others in that regard but i’m on the other side of the country with the same insurance company that my parents have used since the early 70’s.