Um.... Hearing Difficulty ... what is Recommended for cars over 50K?

I heard an ‘ad’ or recommendation on the Show “for vehicles over 50,000 miles.” What is this?

Do you mean what change in a service stratagey should be in place for a vehicle over 50K in miles or 50K in price or what?

You must realise many do not listen to the show.

Car maintenance should not be a mystery. All you really have to do is to follow the Honda Maintenance Schedule that is sitting in your glove compartment.

If you wish to change fluids (such as the trans fluid) more often than is recommended in the maintenance schedule, that is a good thing. But, as long as you are doing at least as much as is recommended in that maintenance schedule–according to both odometer mileage and elapsed time–you will preserve and extend the life of the vehicle greatly.