Manufacter Maintenance Requirements

Honda recomends dealer maintenance after 50,000 miles. The cost is $450. I am wondering if I could get this done by an indie and save some money while not compromising quality. I do not have an extended warranty.

Yes, you can. My cars never make it back to dealers except for warranty and recall work. Call and get some estimates from trusted indepedent mechanics.

Save the receipt and make sure the mechanic provides you with a detailed list of items done. Use your owner’s manual as the guide for what tasks/services need to be performed.

Use mechanics files on CarTalk home page if you need mechanic recommendations.


Yes, you can have the maintenance performed by any mechanic, but you should continue to follow the maintenance schedule that came with the owner’s manual.

Dealer mechanics are not “better” than independents, but dealers often charge more for similar work. Many of us take our vehicles to independent mechanics and recommend this practice to others.

Did you mean to write Honda recomends Dealer maintenance before 50,000 miles? Your maintenance after 50,000 miles is not limited to $450.00.

I think that the OP is attempting to tell us that a major maintenance is due at 50k, and that the dealership charges $450. for that maintenance. However, that is just a guess, and your interpretation is just as likely to be valid as is my interpretation. And, since the typical 50k (or 60k, depending on the vehicle) maintenance is a very major one, it would likely cost $450. at a dealership.

I want to add that the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule should be considered to be the minimum for maintenance, and in many cases, more maintenance than is specified is going to make your car last longer.

A good example is the typical manufacturer’s schedule for transmission fluid replacement–at 50k, or 60k, or in the case of some vehicles, the manufacturer does not specify a fluid replacement at all. In reality, all automatic transmissions will function better and longer if their fluid is changed every 30,000 miles. There are undoubtedly other examples, but the example of the transmission fluid is one good indicator that more maintenance than is specified is frequently necessary–if you plan to keep the car for a long time.