UK Car personalized Number plate

I am currently waiting for the DVLA to send me permission to use my custom number plate. Although It’s been approximately 7 days since I sent off the documents and they said I should receive the permission within 10 days, would I be able to display the personalized number plates on the vehicle now and leave the old number plates on the dashboard inside the car?

Thank you.

Most posters here are in the USA, not UK so we wouldn’t know for sure. In the US, what you are suggesting would be a reason for the rozzers to pull you over and give you a ticket for improper display of registration.

Likely the UK would be just as OCD about that so I would advise against it.


Thanks mate, I’m just being impatient :joy: I’ll wait


Quite possible they meant ten business days and you are thinking calendar days. Jus be patient.

I don’t mess with the police or the IRS. However you need to think in terms of how the government measures time. The earth was created in 6 days but that doesn’t mean 6 24 hour periods. Same thing with the gov.

Just for kicks, I had a little issue with my 2018 tax and they actually owed me money so I get a letter that in 90 days they will tell me what else they need from me. The 90 days were up last week and I got a 2nd identical letter saying they will tell me what they need in another 90 days. So that’s 180 days just to tell me what else they want. It’ll be a year in November since they started it.

So son, think in terms of government time or we used to be able to say Indian time. They’ll show up when they show up.