U-Turns Increasing


I have been noticing vehicles making more U-turns the last couple of years.

I was following Google Maps audio directions while riding on my bicycle and had to make several U-Turns.

Is computer-aided navigation causing more U-Turns?


Good question… Probably the GPS systems do cause more U-turns for several reasons. Some are not very good at directing you into shopping centers so a U-turn is indicated. Some people rely on these things SO much they don’t use common sense when close to their destination entering a shopping center and they miss the entry or simply follow the GPS’ instructions.

That seems very tiring to me! Maybe take a broad look at the map directions to make sure they don’t loop back on themselves. And be sure to pick the bicycle option for directions rather than car.


I used it a couple times for long trips. I am using the bike version which is labeled “(beta).”

… and the directions warn “use caution.”


Sounds like that Beta version needs a few more tweaks!

My suggestion still stands, view the whole route before you leave so you don’t follow the loops it sometimes includes.


Yes, I did that in a few instances and the system takes a bit of time to catch up.


GPS stands for Global Positioning System.


GPS tells the system where you are and the software in the system uses that information to take you to a destination on the stored maps.

U-turns on a bicycle are typically much easier than in a car. I’m not surprised that bicycle directions would include more u-turns.


A few years ago, Google Maps directed me to cross RR tracks at a spot where the crossing had been closed to traffic for…maybe…a decade. Of course, I had to make a K-turn in order to get out of that dead-end situation and seek a different RR crossing.

And, just last year, Google Maps directed me into a cemetery when I was seeking a public park in a different town. :unamused:


Yes check your route ahead of time. My GPS directed me down a forest service road with creek crossings. Fortunately I was driving my truck. Had I been driving my car would have been highly P.O.


I have used the bicycle mode when looking for the shortest route to somewhere instead of the fastest way there.


U turn required in new highway design for us