Observed a driverless car making a mistake today


Nothing serious, just another data point. What appeared to be a driverless car was making a left turn from a 6 lane highway to a 2 lane road during afternoon commute. Directly crossing my path. It had the protection of a left hand turn light (arrow), so I was waiting for it on a red light in my direction. The road it was turning onto was backed up all the way to the intersection, not moving. Instead of waiting for the intersection to clear (like a human driver would usually do to avoid inconveniencing others) the driverless car made the turn anyway, and got stuck in the middle of the intersection. The rest of us going straight – even though the light for us had turned green — we had to then wait a minute or two until the traffic cleared enough the driverless car could move out of the way. By then the light had turned red, so we had to wait for another light change. A little frustrating.


What was the reaction of the headless driver when you laid on the horn?


Like a human driver would? Most of the so called human drivers here in the Wash.D.C. metro dont give a crap if they inconvenience anyone, including emergency vehicles. Since they feel they are the only really important people on the road.


More casualty has been recorded


A skilled, law-abiding, and considerate driver would not block an intersection, but that combination of qualities in the folks on the road seems to be in short supply nowadays. Surely I can’t be the only person who gets honked at by a jerk in back of me when I refuse to block an intersection.


Observed a drivered car making a mistake every day.


Computers are programmed by people. Some of those programmers do these dumb things. So the computer is programmed to ALSO do these dumb things!

My first programming teacher used to say “Garbage in, Garbage out”


Are driverless cars required to have a phone # prominently displayed for observers to call and report mistakes to the mfr?


I lived in the DC area for a few years. I thought you guys were bad drivers. Then I moved to the Minneapolis area. You guys are awesome drivers by comparison. :wink:


The most ignored sign around here?
Don’t block the box…


I just can’t wait for 3 driverless cars to go down the interstate, side by side, doing the speed limit…


I would assume that they are programmed to never exceed the speed limit, not limit +5 or +10 as most of us do.

At one time, for many years, the Tobin Bridge (Boston) had a posted 15 MPH speed limit. Impossible to obey unless you want to be run over.


Try South Carolina. Traffic lights are suggestions, and often ignored. My daughter calls it driving southern.


That’s becoming more and more of a problem here. I find myself pausing a few seconds after the light turns green. At least 15% of the time some idiot will bomb through the red 3 or 4 seconds after it turned.

I suspect driving is getting worse all over as people get more wrapped up in themselves and care even less about everyone else.


There are a couple of intersections near my house where I would have been T-boned on multiple occasions if I had not learned to hesitate, and to look both ways before proceeding on a green light.


Riding a motorcycle teaches you to not care if you have the right of way. You being in the right is a very small achievement if an F250 splatters you on the pavement. You only have the right of way if the guy that’s in a position to run over you agrees.



I don’t wait when the light turns green. I look at all the intersecting streets to see I feel traffic is slowing to the light. That way I don’t have to wait. If someone approaches the intersection too fast, I wait Works for me.


When it’s a 4 lane divided highway and there’s a long line of cars in the turn lane on the other side of the median, you can’t always see if someone is coming or not.


It takes ten or more seconds to cross the closest lanes when making that left turn. I still have time to see if anyone is going to blow through the red light. I doubt that waiting about five seconds more will make much difference.


I believe there are a few smaller cities in Southern california that claim to ticket drivers caught in the box

But I can’t say for certain, because I’ve not been caught in the box in those areas

Well, if they’re “only” doing the speed limit, then they’d better stay in the far right lane, lest they hold up everybody else :thinking: