Unusual u-turns

Today I saw a driver make an unusual U-turn. At a four way stop intersection. One of those mini-pickups from the 80’s. He seemed to want to avoid sharp turns to the left for some reason. So he made it with a sort of a figure 8. He veered to the left through the intersection into the on-coming lane, almost hit the stop sign there on the opposite corner, then u-turned right, across both lanes, and up over the sidewalk almost hitting that corner’s stop sign, then continuing to u-turn right, veering back from the oncoming lane across the intersection into the correct lane (for going that direction, opposite to the direction this whole mess started) and on his way.

And I thought I’d seen everything …

Drunken Driver or broken tie rods my first thought. As someone said you can’t make this stuff up, more later I assume as we have all seen bizarre stuff on the roads.
Interesting watch here

Was Cheech Marin or Tommy Chong driving?

lol …

Them durn Duke boys at it agin!