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Typical Repair Cost (Estimate)

I am wondering what would a ball park figure/range for a dealer repair for the following:

Replace 4 rotors

Replace brake pads

(These are 18’s – performance tires/wheels)

Repair leak in transmission cooling line

Top off transmission fluid: 3 qts.

I had work done at my dealer – very pleased with it. Several people thought I overpaid. Just wondered what a dealer might charge for such a repair/parts. Thanks!

Olds Fan, Remind Us Again, What Are You Driving?

Also, the telephone can help you compare. Call around your local area. Give details. Get ball park estimates.

I’d be a little concerned with “topping-off” the transmission fluid with 3 quarts. Was it 3 quarts low? Rocketman

That Is More Than A “Top Off” Isn’t It?

Where’d it go? Oh, I see. The trans cooler line.

I could see this hitting $800-$1k. Why go to the dealer? Find a mom & pop mechanic they will have you back on the road for hundreds$ cheaper. Several people who thought you overpaid were right.

Even if you overpaid, now you have a relationship with your Dealer,now when something like a stuck plug comes up you will be treated fairly…right?