Cost to repair antifreeze leak?


Just purchased a used minivan (1997 Plymouth Voyager) from a dealership, as is, no warranty, of course. Purchased on Saturday, on Sunday noticed a coolant/antifreeze leak pooling under the car. DANG!

Anyway, we bought the car for about $1700 under Blue Book value, and $1000 under the dealer’s price, so if we have to put a few hundred in for the repairs, we’re okay with that.

My husband and brother looked under the car and think that the pipe/hose thing that goes from the front to the back of the car is corroded and needs to be replaced.

Can anyone offer a ballpark of what replacing this will run us? We contacted the dealership because they had done a lot of work on the vehicle (allegedly) before they put it on the lot, and the sales guy said he was checking with the service department and would get back to us yesterday, but of course didn’t.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



what state did you buy this in?

although you state you have no warantee, three days later you do have recourse to have them repair it


this shouldnt cost much at all if you do it yourself like maybe $50 including coolant if you use rubber hose


if you have the misfortune to have a dealer NOT stand by a vehicle they sold (un heard of, HUH?)

is this the steel dual pipe that goes from the front along the firewall, down the middle of the van, down the right side of the center of the van to the back?

if so, you can buy O2 Sensor rubber hose, which is high heat proof and PERFECT for this application. it comes in several sizes, so you can find the right size to fit right over the pipes where they are not rusted out.

the pipe and flex hoses total about $400.00 this hose cost about $100.00 for enough to replace most of the pipes, and get rid of the rusting steel pipes.

the only thing that you have to figure out is how to support the hoses so they dont drag and chafe through.

i used heavy zip ties and tied them the frame when i did mine.


to the frame, sorry.

and thanks cyberbabe for the “edit feature”


I purchased it in Illinois from a Max Madsen dealership (in Downers Grove).
I had hoped, when the sales guy called back, that they would have had us get it back there to get this resolved, but am disappointed in the lack of response from them, and my husband wants to contact Better Business Bureau on them for it.


doesnt your state have a “lemon law” or some other equivalent? this car was bought saturday, and has a leak on sunday, and the dealer wont stand by it?

i believe sundays and holidays don’t count in the reporting of damages for dealer repair. most lemon laws have like a 5 day (or so) limit on damages. you had one the next day!!


According to the Illinois Attorney General website, Lemon Law doesn’t cover used vehicles (Which is so weird to me, as one would think used cars are the ones that need the Lemon Law protection) and in Illinois dealers are NOT required to give the consumer a 3 day right to cancel.

Trust me, I am super peeved and 100% feel that they should be standing by the vehicle since the problem arose, literally, within the first 24 hours off the lot. They faxed me the service report of what they did, and there was nothing about the cooling system, etc. and they still haven’t called us.


I would be interested in seeing proof from anyone of a “LEMON-LAW” that applies to a USED vehicle. All 50 states and the Federal government have passed LEMON LAWS for NEW vehicles. I have researched this queston and cannot find any state that has a used car Lemon Law.


Just as a side note the three day right of refusal only applies if you never visit the sellers place of business. It was instituted to protect people from pushy door to door sales people.


the Mass law refers to the auto inspection which a new car buyer must get within 7 days of purchase. if a car cannot pass inspection the seller must either make it pass, or refund the $$.

i believe this is for private OR dealer sales.


Let’s find out what is leaking before going further. If it is a coolant line to a rear seat heater, this shouldn’t be an expensive repair. In fact, the rear seat heater could be bypassed. I rode to school for years in school buses that didn’t have any heat beyond the front of the bus.


Don’t contact the salesman for repair issues, call or visit the service department. I suppose you could insist on calling the salesman since you might think he is more responsible for your problem but if you want a timely repair estimate, you will have to take the vehicle to the service department for an evaluation.


Yes, Mass requires used car sellers to warranty the vehicle for a maximum of 90 days and a minimum of 30 days. The time frame is based on the number of miles on the vehicle. Any vehicle over 125,000 miles is exempt from this law. The purchaser is responsible for the first $100.00 in repairs. The key is the consumer has to prove the problem renders the vehicle unusable or unsafe. If anyone else knows of these laws please let me know, your help is appreciated.


This is one case calling would not get you anywhere. Just drive up there and show them the leak. Ask them to fix it. if they say no, then that is fine, it seems like if your family is able to crawl down there to find the leak they would be able to fix it. Just let the dealer know that they have lost your and your family’s business and you are going to make sure everybody you know hears about this. Oh before you go read all the documents you signed; anything about “as is” sale?


not to be a smart ass, but if you paid 1700 less than book, how much more did you spend ?? You ask us for cost on a leak and don’t tell us what engine u have ?? U bought a ten year old car, a mopar no less, as is as seen and you’re mad at the dealer 'cause something is wrong ?? … sounds u didn’t do your home work !.. I would put it through a shop so as u don’t getany more suprises!
just my 2 cents


They’re lucky they aren’t up here in Ontario. They’d be s.o.l.

‘As is’ means just that. What you gets is what you see.

Our ‘as is’ laws are different as I found out some time ago.