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Type of service for 1997 volvo 850 glt with 40000 miles parked in garage for 8 years

I just bought a 1997 volvo glt with 40000 miles but the car was parked in a garage for 8 years.
What service do I need before using the car ?

Not run for 8 years, at all? Uh-oh…the entire fuel system needs to be drained and flushed. The brakes need to be flushed and inspected. The tires need to be replaced (probably later). The battery needs to be replaced. The transmission fluid needs to be changed, as does the coolant.

I would add the serpentine/fan belt ot belts and probably the radiator and heater hoses. The timing belt (if equipped) should be changed, even if a new one was installed before it was stored, it’s due based on time.

Ed B.

Everything made of rubber will need to be replaced – hoses, belts, gaskets, bushings, seals, etc.

Entire fuel system will need to be cleaned or replaced – fuel tank, fuel lines, pump, injectors, etc.

Brake system could be shot.

Lots of internal engine/transmission/drive line components could be rusty.

If this car was free, it could still be too expensive.

First thing I would do is 5 gals of good gas in it with a good fuel cleaner with it. Then I would change the oil and coolant. Put a new battery in and start it. Do not Drive it yet! Let it warm up good. If it sounds good then have the brakes looked at and brake fluid changed. The fuel pump may or may not lasted long. If the motor has a timing belt it will need changed. The transmission fluid and filter will need to changed. I have started many cars that have been stored for many years. The longest was 1953 Chevy truck. It was found in a barn under bales of hay. It had been there almost 20 years. The motor was froze up. I free up the motor and we pull started it. It ran great. Did not use oil and the brakes were fine after just putting in fluid and bleeding them. You can get luckily. I used that truck for 4 years to haul wood. It was a 3/4 ton flat bed. Most cars and trucks are not that bad if they have been garaged.

Yesterday I started my 72 Chevy dump truck for the first time in 3 years. Just put gas in and a battery and shot of gas in the carb. Started right up and the brakes are fine.

So what I am saying is get it running first and replace what needs to be replace. I Bet you will not have to replace to much.

Honestly, you shoulda asked this question before you bought the car; hope you didn’t pay too much for it. The biggest question is, why was it sitting for 8 years in the first place?