Freshening up a 1997 Volvo 850 after a long sit

My great aunt has an old Volvo 850 that’s been sitting for at least one, maybe two years now. I’m heading down there to see if I can get it running and attempt to drive it back the 350 miles back home. What are your suggestions for a ahem freshening up prior to attempting to run?

Depending on how well Auntie maintained the car before it was left to sit, might be a little, or a lot.

Likely the battery needs recharging - at a minimum - or more likely a replacement. And the tires will be very low, if not flat. The gas may not be so good but if its 2 years old, refill it with fresh gas as soon as you get the car running. The more fresh gas you get in, the better it will run.

Once it is running (if you can get it running) Take it to an independent auto repair shop. Have the mechanic inspect the car all-round. It will cost a few bucks but well worth the peace of mind.

Get the oil changed at the real auto shop NOT Jiffy Boob - can’t stress this enough! You might consider a brake system check and a brake fluid flush as well. Check the tires for dry-rotting cracks and replace them if you see any. Good Luck!