Two Transfer Cases?

Last night was America’s Truck Night (tv show), and one of the trucks was diy’er configured w/ TWO transfer cases! I got to thinking that maybe the first is for full-time 4WD mode on paved roads, has the front/rear differential, chain is part of the mechanism. And the other is for severe 4WD’ing & rock crawling on dirt, no front/rear differential , the second xfer case uses hardened gears, no chain. I guess I could imagine somebody doing that, best of both worlds, but wondering how it would be done? Are the two xfer in series, put one in N and use the other?

PowernationTV did just that with one of their projects.

A search on the internet shows a “dual transfer case” to be a kit to add a second low range in 4WD to the transfer case. So technically not a dual T-case so much as a dual low speed T-case… std, low, super low.

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that makes more sense. Seems like it would be a very complicated job to fit two separate transfer cases, & even more difficult to figure out how to get each of them functionally configured.

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Seems like one should just have a mudding/rock crawling truck that the pull on a trailer with welded differentials and super low geared transfer cases vs. creating one with both. It would be a neat project but probably cheaper to have TWO vs. one that can do all with all the custom mods that would be required.

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That is pretty cool, not much fabrication, just move the t-case mount back 6-7" and change the driveshaft lengths, front longer and rear shorter… I really don’t think daily drivers will be doing much of this, just the hard core off road guys, which would be doing most of the relocating/changing t-cases anyway or swapping in better axles which will require driveshaft length changes anyway…
With this set up you can have your cake and eat it too… Mud Bogging with one set of tires and swap over tires, change the shock settings and go rock crawling… Sweet…

For your viewing pleasure… lol
Just one of many available
Trail-Creeper 2.28x4.70 Dual Transfer Cases

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A dual transfer case might be a worthwhile addition to a farm truck whether it’s used as a recreational vehicle or not.


The Music City Trucks Suburban ( made the set up using two transfer cases. Looked to be a lot cheaper than the one shown above.